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AP/Dual Credit Important Dates

AP and Dual Credit

AP/Dual Credit at Liberty Public Schools

Liberty High School offers Dual Credit courses and AP courses covering a variety of topics and subject areas.  Students interested in taking these college level classes are eligible to get college credits for the work they complete in these courses.  AP courses are open to any student who meets the prerequisites for the classes.  Dual Credit courses require students to meet several criteria, these criteria are listed on this web page.  If students are interested in moving on to college, AP and Dual Credit courses are a great way to prepare students for the rigor and high expectations of college work.

Does the college you plan on attending take AP scores?

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What is the difference between AP and Dual Credit


FAQ AP Courses Dual Credit Courses
FAQ's about AP and Dual Credit Courses
What is the course like? AP course work is college level work, students are expected to read, reason and write at a college level.  All curriculum for AP courses is checked and certified to be college level by the college board.  Obviously, AP courses are challenging, but also very rewarding for students who choose to take these courses. Dual credit courses are also college level classes.  The main difference is that Dual Credit courses are the same class that you would have if you attended the college accrediting the course.  Again, students need to exhibit the maturity level and responsibility of someone taking a college level class.
How will I receive credit? AP credit is given based on the score a student receives on the AP test at the end of the class.  AP tests are scored on a 1-5 scale.  A three or above is considered passing. With Dual Credit you are actually a student of the college that is certifying the class.  You pay for the credit at the beginning of the class and the grade that you receive in the class goes on both your high school transcript and a transcript from the certifying college.
What is the cost? AP tests generally costs a one time fee of $87 if you would like to take the test.  In most classes, you could get up to six college credits for the price of this test.  Costs vary depending on the class and certifying institution.  Cost range from $75 to $125 per credit hour.  Most semester classes are three credit hours. 
How do I know if the credit from this course will transfer to the college I would like to attend? Check on college admission websites to find out what score you need to get on the AP test to transfer the credit. Most colleges accept dual credit like they would a transfer from another college.  Check with your college to see if the Dual Credit choice you choose is a requirement at the institution you would like to attend.
Who do I contact if I have a problem with this class? You may contact the teacher of the AP course or an administrator at the high school. The instructor of a Dual Credit course is actually an adjunct professor of the college offering the credit.  For all questions or problems you will need to contact the college offering the credit. 

AP and Dual Credit Locker

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Dual Credit Requirements

The requirements for Dual Credit are listed below:

  • Students must have a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0.
  • Students must be recommended by the high school principal or his or her official designee.
  • High school students must also meet the same requirements for admission to individual courses (e.g., English or mathematics) as those required of on-campus students (e.g., ACT, ASSET, or other placement test scores).
  • Under special circumstances, freshmen and sophomores with superior academic talents may take dual credit courses. Freshmen and sophomores must demonstrate their competency by scoring at the 90th percentile or above on the ACT or SAT. Moreover, the recommending high school counselor and the college academic department official must concur that a younger student can benefit from dual credit in the specific course and learn at the collegiate level.